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  • "Dr. Welshons has been putting me back together for a few year now. I have an autoimmune inflammatory disorder and need both knees and my left hip replaced. She's enabled me to reduce and then ELIMINATE the need for narcotic painkillers. It's a whole body approach in their office and she really does care about mind and body. She's improved my quality of life significantly and I recommend her office to anyone seeking a caring and compassionate doctor."
    Katherine K.
  • "Dr. Debbie and her staff over the years are the reason my body is still in one piece!!! With all the contact sports I've played it is important to keep the self-maintenance in your schedule. And on top of all of that she has helped me strengthen my knowledge as a trainer by teaching me after every session. Best Chiro in Sac!!!"
    D'Alexander Davis
  • "Friendly, inviting place to go to. I have been coming here for years with multiple accidents Dr. Debby always has your best interest at heart wouldn't go anywhere else for patient care. She will do whatever she can for you and then some to make sure her patients get the best care."
    Jilly-Anne Budny
  • "Dr. Deb always knows how to fix me up. Whether some time on the roller table, massage chairs, stem, ultrasound, massage, or just an adjustment, I always leave feeling refreshed and "put" back together."
    Tamara Mahon
  • "Love everything about this place. Great first experience definitely recommend and I'm never going to change where I go for my chiropractic needs!!"
    Britanie Rashell Porter
  • "AMAZING!!!!!! That is all."
    Janette Maureen
  • "Dr. Debby rocks! Great work."
    Chaz Butler
  • "She does it like no one else can! Thanks Doc!"
    April Lynn
  • "Just want to give 5 stars to Welshons Chiropractic Office! I have been going to Dr. Deby for many years!! Dr. Deby is such a caring doctor! She makes you feel like new after you leave! She ensures all body parts are put back together! I so LOVE Dr. Deby! And her staff is totally AMAZING, Ms. Susie, Ms. Ashley, Ms. Tasha and Diane, Office Manager THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU DO! If you need a Chiropractor, WELSHONS CHIROPRACTIC IS AWESOME."
    Janice P.
  • "Dr. Deb is brilliant and life-changing! She has such a vast knowledge of and understanding of the body. I have never had such a thorough chiropractor! She was careful and listened to all of my concerns. Couldn't recommend her more highly. Truly passionate about what she does!"
    Roxanne L.
  • "This place is amazing! Dr. Deb changed my life. My back hurt me every single day. I couldn't do a lot of things I should be able to do at 35 years old. Every week I am getting better. Great Dr. and wonderful staff. I love this place. Highly recommended. She adjusts everything, fingers, toes, wrists, ankles, knees, elbows! I can't say enough good things."
    Katie M.
  • "It's recently dawned on me on just how long I have been getting put back together by Dr. Debbie. It's been years. Years later I am happy to report I still absolutely love this place. I not only get put back together myself but I also take my kids. Yes they help kids too! I've been tough on my body over the years and am so very thankful to have found Dr. Debbie to keep me going. Fantastic service at a price that is beyond fair. If I could give this place 10 stars I would."
    Jonathan Y.
  • "Dr. Deb is truly the best. This is not a 10 minute stop to get "cracked" back into place. She takes the time to listen and understand how you got yourself in this situation and works you back into your true alignment."
    D. W.
  • "Dr. Debbie is EXCELLENT at what she does. Her and her staff are very friendly, helpful, and attentive. Dr. Debbie takes the time to explain exactly what is wrong and why. The atmosphere is wonderful and very welcoming. After having issues with my hips, Dr. Debbie explained thoroughly what was happening with my body so that I could get a clear understanding of my ailments. She then proceeded to adjust me, and it made me feel GREAT! Her infectious spirit and bright smile is part of the reason why I am a repeat customer, and I would highly recommend her for treatment!"
    Suga B.
  • "I've been seeing Dr. Debbie for a few years and she is very good! I first went to her with a dislocated rib from wakeboarding. She had me lay down on my stomach and found exactly where my problem was without me pointing it out. And of course she fixed it easily. I've continued to see her every few months for new sports related injuries and adjustments and always walk out feeling better. She ALWAYS remembers me and what my previous problems have been which is pleasantly surprising. The only downside is that they have some funky hours. Go see her, you'll not be disappointed!"
    Peter S.
  • "It is very easy to be worried about going to a chiropractor since things can go wrong but finding Dr. Debby has greatly improved my life. I was a client of the Chiropractor that had the same office before her and really liked him as well but Dr. D. is very current in her thinking. She thinks about the whole body and has been able to adjust my knees and feet--which has been a great addition. I often feel better before I even leave the table. Another great benefit is she gives CalFit members a discount. Very happy to make this recommendation."
    Lisa B.
  • "Dr. Debby was very thorough, knowledgeable, and effective. Nice facility and staff. I have been to multiple chiropractors on both coasts and Dr. Debbie could hold her head high over the rest of them. Highly recommended."
    Stuart M.
  • "Dr. Debbie is the $%@# as us young people like to say. I just started going here and can already feel a significant difference in the way my body moves. I feel longer and stronger because of my treatment here. My parents also go here for the magic. My dad actually was scheduled for back surgery because one of his discs looked much like crab meat. He was walking with a cane and taking all sorts of awful pain pills. He started going to sessions at Dr. Debbie's and his back miraculously healed and he ended up not needing surgery. His doctors couldn't believe it and, frankly, neither could my family. So in case you were still wondering, yes, Dr. Debbie is Jesus. Awesome, friendly, helpful staff always! Soothing atmosphere--a nice change of pace after a busy day of running around. It's really convenient for me to go there right after I work out next door, plus members of CalFit are granted a discount. Great overall experience, and in the words of our former governor, I'll be back."
    Stacey R.
  • "There is no one better than Dr. Debby in the whole of CA for personal wellness. She not only knows the human body, but she also knows roller derby (a.k.a. Dr. Diamond). She can tell what kind of penalties I've committed when I walk through her doors! As a chiropractor running her own business, she is dependent on help from local medical assistant students. Many of these students have never worked in an office before. Therefore, they are going through the training process and learning along the way. I would HIGHLY recommend Dr. Debby to any athlete based on her sports medicine training."
    Aleithal W.
  • "Dr. Debbie is a miracle worker! I hurt my rotator cuff in a backwards fall, turned somersault last weekend. Finally I made the time to hit the chiro. A little stim, some ultrasound, and some expert adjustments by Dr. Debbie and I feel amazing. So good I went and did some Turbo Kick-boxing at 24 Hour Fitness. Obviously I'm a crack smoker because my shoulder was killing me after that. However, as I write this, it's the next day and I can tell you that my shoulder isn't as painful and I have almost all of my mobility back sans pain. And, I am happy to report that the ex-terns she currently has working are uber professional and very pleasant. If you have an injury and are in pain, Dr. Debbie at Welshons Chiropractic should be your go-to, get better fast gal!"
    Anastacia C.
  • "Dr. Deb is the best!! So professional and kind. She truly cares about your well being and never tries to up-sell you to keep coming back. She is the best chiropractor I've been to! Thank you, thank you!!! I always feel better after seeing her!!! Amazing!!!"
    Ginger H.
  • "Finally someone who cares about the whole person. Dr. Deb is kind and has a way of knowing what your body needs. First doctor to not treat just the symptom but the actual anatomical problem."
    Michelle W.
  • "I have been seeing Dr. Debby for 3 years. I take myself and my children to her, not only for structural repair but because she knows how to increase immune function through chiropractic adjustments. My 3 year old had a fever of 102.5 one day. He was lethargic and hurting. I took him in to her. She adjusted him, then me. By the time I got up off the table and checked my boy’s temperature (about 10 minutes) it had gone down to 100 degrees and just 10 more minutes it was back to normal and he was happily jumping around asking me to feed him. She knows the body and genuinely cares about helping us all feel better. She is my primary care doctor now and always will be."
    Hope N.
  • "Dr. Debby is WITHOUT EXCEPTION the best chiropractor in the Sacramento Area. She has a whole body approach and does adjustments in a very gentle manner. I have had the best experience here and my family, friends, coworkers and I have been coming here for years!!"
    Melissa B.
  • "Dr. Debby is amazing and the front desk girl is so polite and considerate she really cares about your time spent at Welshon's Chiropractic!!! I come in grouchy and in pain and once I leave I am happier than ever. She is by far the best Chiropractor in the Sacramento area. The Services include modalities such as muscle stim, thumper, stretching if needed as well as ultrasound. What Chiropractor does that?? Not only does she provide these extra services to relax your muscle before the adjustment but, she adjusts MORE THAN YOUR SPINE!!!! She adjusts from your neck all the way down to your feet and I ABSOLUTELY recommend her to EVERYONE!!!! You won't regret it one bit."
    Janay C.
  • "I have visited Dr. Debby several times. I travel from Southern California to visit relatives and make it a point to stop in and see her. Dr. Debby is very knowledgeable and is up to date on the body mechanics. She is super sweet and so is the office manager, Casey. They treat their patients like family."
    Tina R.
  • "They do everything right. The customer service I wonderful, the Doctor pays 100% attention to you and your concerns. Three years ago I could almost not walk into the office for my appointment, my back was so messed up and I was in a lot of pain. I walked out that day and have been returning for about three years. You can also get a message there too. Look no further people! Five Stars!!!"
    Patrick M.
  • "Had a great massage this AM. Then an adjustment! The office is peaceful the staff is kind and everyone is professional!"
    Maignon D.
  • "Dr. Debby is by far the best chiropractor I have been to. She is a very good listener to my needs and most of the time I don't have to tell her my issues she finds them before I sit down by looking at me. Awesome atmosphere and a one stop shop for all your needs for the body! She adjust more than just your back which in my case is much needed. I didn't know chiropractors could adjust your elbows or knees. I would refer Dr. Debby to anyone I know, and have. If you want to get yourself back on track and feeling good go see Dr. Debby!"
    David L.
  • "Dr. Debbie is a miracle worker. She's been treating my whole family, my 82 year old dad, who lifts at the gym next door, my 77 year old mom, the same, my brother, my boyfriend, and me. I do aikido, a martial art, which at my age, 51, can put something of a stress on my body. Whenever I get kinked, Debbie sets it straight. She has a gentle touch and helps the adjustments take through use of STEM and a wonderful roller ball heated table."
    Elise B.
  • "Dr. Debbie is a healer...no doubt about it! I wouldn't go anywhere else to be adjusted...going to Welshons Chiropractic is a healing experience...all around!!"
    Patty K.

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